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Jul 18  •  The Appeal for Wang Bingzhang to Get Medical Treatment in USA and for releasing Jiang Yanyong and Li Guoyou, etc.
Jul 18  •  Joint Announcement on Peng Ming Incident
Jul 18  •  Protest to CCP’s Behavior of “Assassination, Trapping and Kidnapping Political Dissidents’ Leaders”
Jul 18  •  Press Conference:  On the Political Persecuting Incidents on Wang Bingzhang, Peng Ming and Zhang Hongbao in Recent Years

Jul 17  •  China Daily: Wang Bingzhang and Peng Ming Arrested; Three Organizations Demanded for Their Releases; CSG and Others Appeal to CCP to Stop Persecuting
Jul 17  • The World Journal: Democratic Groups in US Protest against CCP Government Persecuting Dissidents
Jun 28  •  Photographs of Coronation of "Great Hierophant Hongbao"

Jun 23  •  Zhang Hongbao’s Speech at the “Coronation for Hongbao Great Hierophant”
Jun 23  •  Congratulatory Telegraph from Yuandun Dafa Learners
Jun 23  •  Letter of Congratulation from IZGH: Heartily Congratulate Mr. Zhang Hongbao for Coronation as Hongbao Great Hierophant

Jun 23  •  Address of Mr. Nakai , the Director of World Religion The Vatican, at the “Coronation for Hongbao Great Hierophant”

Jun 23  •  Press Release: Coronation for “Hongbao Great Hierophant” was Grandly Held in L.A. U.S.A.
May 27  •  Secretive Trade between US and China: Yang Haiping Leaked it out

May 27  •  Yan Qingxin and Liu Junguo et al Are Sued for Dividing up Chinese Democratic Fund