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Zhonggong Created by Zhang Hong Bao

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Zhang Hong Bao and His Creation --- Zhonggong


An Qi




The history of human civilization is actually the history of cultural development.  And the main theme of the history of cultural development is based on human life. In this sense, we can say that the history of human civilization is also the history of human life culture. So far, although Science has been searching for the optimum relationship between man and Nature and social science has been searching for the optimum relationship between man and man, nobody has succeeded yet. Consequently, some people feel that they have hit the dead end and wonder if the world has come to an end, too. Although modern medicine has been developing very fast, it always lagged behind the modern diseases. The most developed country in the modern world always wants the whole world to follow their societal models, yet not everyone in their society is happy. And they have many social problems, no fewer than the so-called ��nderdeveloped��countries do, and often their social problems are more complicated and severe. I think the reason is, their society emphasizes the accumulation of wealth and fame and status, and ignores the life science---they forget about human life itself. Before they even get to understand where human life is from and where human life is going, before they get to understand the purpose of life, they arbitrarily decide how to develop the nature, accumulate wealth; they even set up laws to regulate human activities and seduce them with fame and profit to compete, to fight. Human society has ��orgotten��its origin. Contemporary society is such a society which goes after the trifles and neglect essentials. If it goes on like this, it will destroy Nature that we rely on, destroy human society and in the end, human beings ourselves.


In fact, many wise men in history had disclosed the mysteries of universe and human beings long ago, such as Jesus Christ�� Genesis and ��l-mighty love�� Sakyamuni�� Buddhism in which empathy is highly emphasized, and Lao Zi�� Yin-yang and ��o-action�� theory, Confucius��mannerism, etc. They��e all offered piercingly forceful theories for the explanation of the universe and human beings. Among them, Taoism which originated in Chinese cultural soil, not only directly and clearly disclosed the truth of universe and human beings, but also it has compiled and refined a whole set of essential meditation practice which can make people healthier and help serious practitioners live a longer life, even in charge of their own life span.


Ever since governments came into being in human history, the ruling class had always focused on maintaining their regime and depriving wealth from their people. And the ruling class usually only protected those traditions which were useful to them; for the ones that they felt threatened, they simply either limited them or completely eliminated them, sometimes with blood. When we turn to history, the founder and successors of traditional cultural essence were often persecuted, even killed. Yet, what the ancient saints contributed is the essence of traditions, and is the truthful hint of human life and death. Any royal powers can only limit it for a short while, not forever, never change people�� minds, and never change the universal rules.


History also tells us, at the time when the regime was open and tolerant, encouraging diversities, the society would be prosperous. If everything was tightly controlled, then the result was opposite---the society was impoverished and unrest, the regime would be overturned soon. This was very obvious in Chinese history.


Chinese culture is the richest and the most colorful, since she has learned a lot from other cultures and enriched herself. As a result, she was regarded as the mysterious oriental cultural treasure, and whenever the modern science hits a dead end, people would turn around and court her to solve the problems. Yet, Chinese traditional culture has been through so many twists and turns that she has been changed beyond recognition.


Yet, when it got to the eighties��of 20th century, the central government�� grip on humanities study was loosened, and a great figure appeared, succeeding and developing traditional Chinese culture. And this figure is Zhang Hong Bao. He had received a good modern scientific cultural education, at the same time, he had had a systematic study of all the traditional Chinese studies, from the point of view of a contemporary Chinese. He dug out the essence from the treasure. He stood on the shoulders of the predecessors and walked a step further, closer to the universal truths, and offered his own view of the universe; he extracted the essence from the traditions, and created Zhonggong; he taught Zhonggong to masses, and spread it wide across the world, and benefited millions of people. In a short time, the atmosphere turned so much better, and people�� health had greatly improved---the ancient traditions gained their new life in Zhang Hong Bao�� hands and benefited today�� people. People who benefited a lot acclaimed: A new Sun has arisen in China!


Yet, these kind people acclaimed a bit too early---there�� so much that Zhang Hong Bao hasn�� brought out of himself yet. Just when he was about to explore deeper and broader in the study of traditional Chinese culture, political disaster stroke and blocked him from further development. The historic tragedy played again. This is the sorrow of history, the sorrow of human beings, the sorrow and helplessness of the traditional culture. History always warns people in the form of tragedies---the path to truth is often filled with blood and fire, it was like this in the past, and it is the same now and it will be the same in the future. Of course, only tragedies can make a saint even more spectacular in history. From this angle, Zhang Hong Bao is very fortunate. It is the people who persecute him are making him a great statue. Consequently, those soul works he contributed will not be destroyed by his personal disaster, but will be instilled in people�� minds, together with the ancient saints��great contribution.


Today, this book is not the professional academic works by Mr. Zhang Hong Bao, not a biography, but a collection of heartfelt talks from those who are lucky enough to be around with Mr. Zhang and those who have benefited from his studies. It is an outcry to the society, and witnesses to history.


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