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ZHANG Hongbao’s Advance Thought

about the International Politics was Admired

Feng Ling


January 18, this year, I saw ZHANG Hongbao’s theory about “Re-combination” on webnet. Soon, on January 22, I heard that France and Germany have formed a fate community.


It has verified the feasibility of Mr. ZHANG Hongbao’s theory on “Re-combination of Nations”, that the two big countries united and formed a community on common benefit. On his opinions, not only the world economy will incline to integration, but also the earth will just be a “village”, following the development of modern science and technique, and driven to go by common benefit of human being. It will be a long process of the integration of the earth. But re-combination needs to be started from now on.


It was heard that ZHANG Hongbao has detailed project regarding the regulation of the world structure. If having lucky chance, I’d like to hear that detail.


ZHANG Hongbao’s advance thinking has been showing in the many circles: politics, economy, research of life science and management of corporation, as the way he see issues is not “to see a matter on itself”. There is folk say in China, “stand high and see far ahead”. When ZHANG Hongbao see a thing, all time he leaps up and looks it down from up. He does not want to engage in politics, but it does not mean that he disinterest in politics. He has jumped out of the small circle of the national politics and stood at high level of view on the world to look down the big chess of international politics. He has realized the internal law of everything’s development, and can be clear at the tendency of international politics at a glance.  


I wish ZHANG Hongbao’s advance thinking can bring benefit to the human being.


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