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The Initiation of "German and France Alliance"

Has Made a Real Footnote for Zhang, Hongbao's Theory of "Reorganization of Countries"

 By Yan, Qing


When it just entered the gate of 21st Century and walked only a few steps, the President of France and the Premier of German on the unprecedented coalition meeting of the parliaments of the two countries held on Jan. 22nd made a pledge that Germany and France must establish a mutual allied relation which will become the core and motive power in Europe unifying course. This may be considered as the first firing for regulating new setup of the whole Europe, even of the whole world. The establishment of allied relation of German and France has just made an actual footnote for the theory of "reorganization of countries", put forward by Hongbao Zhang lately.


Lately, a paper <What's Zhang, Hongbao's aspiration indeed? > on Internet disclosed Zhong Gong leader Zhang, Hongbao's view of international politics. He said: " At present, the international politics should not be ceaseless oppositions, conflicts, but should be reorganization of structure of relations among countries in 'peace and development mode', including the reorganization of countries in peaceful way." When this theory of Zhang, Hongbao has been just made public, people's evaluations are as much censured as praised. Even those people holding agreement, most of them think that the "reorganization of countries" is a comparatively remote thing. However, the political leaders of German and France and the people of both countries have begun to step foot on a new road of peace and development. Such kind of reorganization of countries with perspective foresight will be sure to bring inestimable influence upon world strategic setup and to shock the hearts of the leaders of all the countries!


If somebody says that to consider Zhang, Hongbao being previsional is to deify him again, thus at least you have to admit that Zhang, Hongbao has  an insight into the general trend of the world political situation and what the world people yearn for, and to judge them correctly. You cannot use merely a coincidence to explain why Zhang, Hongbao's theory of "reorganization of countries" and " France and German rebuilding close relation" appear in succession. This can be explained only with the inevitable law of things' development, and Zhang, Hongbao is exactly the contemporary man who grasps this law.


ZHANG, Hongbao has directed life-preserving and health-strengthening of human body up to cultivation of self-decision and self-control of human life with his philosophic viewpoint of “Basic Law of Yin and Yang”, thus forming a system of unique life science theory. ZHANG, Hongbao has also observed and paid attention to social science with his philosophic viewpoint of “Basic Law of Yin and Yang”, too, in the result making the communist theory of Marxism obviously show its unscientific property. However, the theory of “reorganization of countries” put forward by ZHANG, Hongbao now can be considered as the extended application of the philosophic viewpoint of his “Basic Law of Yin and Yang” to social science field. “Basic Law of Yin and Yang” considers that all things on earth are "Yin and Yang being the root of each other" “organized from the differences to the common”. Then, the international society on the earth also cannot be divorced from this law and finally will “organize the differences to the common”. However, this “organization from the differences to common” will certainly not be the “communist society” in which the “private ownership would be thoroughly eliminated” and there would be only “public ownership”, but will be an international “organization from differences to a common” with a goal of peace and development in which there will exist side by side the public ownership and private ownership, the strong and the weak, the large and the small, or  various natural differences. ZHANG, Hongbao has said: the ultimate goal of state politics is ‘the people are rich and the country is strong’, and the ultimate goal of international politics is peace and development. To achieve these two goals is really not through the same way, and there is also a difference of the well-known masters from the common ones. If the state transformation, state reorganization and the world peace and development can be realized without fighting each other and disturbing the people, that will be right the move of a high order. If to play chess, I will play the chess of the land under heaven.” These words have not only expressed ZHANG, Hongbao’s broad political aspiration and his predictive view, but also embodied his infinite mercy of worries about the land under heaven.


Such kind of reconstruction of state relation between German and France is just “to realize state transformation and state reorganization without fighting each other and disturbing the people” and just to realize the “peace and development”, too. It appears that the political leaders of German and France deserve to be called political well-known masters, and ZHANG, Hongbao is also worthy of the name of a great strategist of international politics possessing great seeing.


If the far-sighted politicians of various countries may accept the theory of ZHANG, Hongbao’s “reorganization of countries” and discuss it in combination with practice, take the rebuilding of the state relation of German and France as a model and carry out the real operation of rebuilding or renewing bilateral or multilateral relations, then a universal harmony in the mankind society with "economic integration and globe-village in politics" will be looked at and be touched!


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