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Mr. ZHANG Hongbao’s Forecast

about “Re-combination of Nations” Has Come True

Combination of France and Germany Has Founded Allies

 By Ru Ping


January 18, I saw some articles on the webnet, introducing Mr. ZHANG Hongbao’s political forecast, expectation and concern about “Re-combination of Nations”. At that time, I considered it might be just faraway and nice dream of the development of human society, and lack of base. But it was not expected that a joint conference, held by France and Germany, has turned it into truth just three days later.


January 22, France and Germany held the first joint conference, in which two countries’ congressman attended on the commemorative day of forty years, on when the two countries signed a treaty on peace and friendship. The Prime Ministers of the two countries announced together that France and Germany have formed a fate community. The announce published that day, indicated: the governments of the two countries had decided to set up a post of co-secretary-general, planed to make double nationality and double passport, to shared vote right in opposite country, to set up a joint Embassy of France and Germany aboard, to hold jointly large international sport. It stressed the consistency in the policy of diplomacy of the two countries, more nearly cooperation in the policy of national defense, communion with each other in teaching and research, and study each other at both language France and Germany, in order to found allies under friendly co-operation. 


What surprising and praising event highly! The both Europe powers -- France and Germany achieved combination on so much more important issues of nation, which will make important, deep and faraway meaning and influence to the two countries’ politics, economic, diplomacy and the whole alliance of Europe even to the world’s peace and development. Without doubt, it is a first example of “Re-combination” at present. It has proved: “Re-combination” is not a dream absolutely, and has wide, profound, actual base and feasibility. It will be a good beginning and promoting for the structure of integration of the world economy and globe village in politics


Few foreign news agencies commented that the combination of France and Germany might only be made for profits in short time without far base of stratagem. Some countries doubted whether the two countries have enough common points to guarantee that the combination will last for long time. In fact, these opinions and judgements just were traditional thinking, lake of foresight even the vision of great stratagem of pushing the history forward. According to the theories of Mr. ZHANG Hongbao, “Everything separates and combines in turn. Can the structure of the world be excepted?” “If seeing it forward to twenty years, thirty years, forty years and hundred years, even to the whole process of human society, you consider it again, if is it still impossible?” “On the surface, many things in the world seem to be difficult, but not actually…”“They are based on the political intelligent of the leaders of all countries”. The alliance country combined by France and Germany is one form of loosing alliance. Its meaning is that it can guarantee and carry out the profits of both sides of combination at most grade in the future’s competition and development of the world, through peace way of “Re-combination”, and under condition of “without disturbing people”. Will not this mode of Re-combination protect and develop opposite-and-self-profits in their more favor than the war of eliminating and damaging each other and the competition of fighting in dark and light places? Will not it bring less mischance and destroying to the people, nations and even the whole world? Will not it worth to be consulted and used for conference by leaders of other big countries?


Everything in the world separates and combines in turn originally. It must be separated after combining long time; then it must be combined after separating long time. We suppose that leaders of big countries in the world have thinking of “big vision” and great stratagem”, have cognized that “the ultimate aim of national politics is people’s rich and nation’s power”, “Politics’ aim of the world is peace and development”. We also suppose that they follow the leaders of France and Germany, begin seeking the common points in two sides or multi-sides, and choosing the way of peaceful re-combination between two-countries or multi-countries to tend to benefit, avoid from harm, protect the profit of themselves at most grade. Then we are sure that great harmony of the globe will come true more early than expectability, and people will profit from it.


As persons living in the earth, we desire peace and development, which are essential and faraway profits of human. We are expecting the people, especially the head of every big countries, can pay more attention to Mr. ZHANG Hongbao’s theories about the world’s structure of “Re-combination” and the way to achieve them “without fighting and disturbing people”.


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