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Summary of Zhang Hong Bao’s Great Strategy Theory: “Re-organizing Countries”

 Zhang Hongbao


The general trend for the development of the Earth is the globalization economically and village-ization globally politically---a form of ‘Unified World” of human society. Yet, looking at today’s world, in 30 to 50 years, all the rulers of all countries, big or small, will spend a considerable amount of wealth and energy on self-protection or competition with other country. They have no energy or no time to take note of their people’s hardship. All the countries will pay a huge price for these two purposes. To really take care of ordinary people’s lives, to push the progress of history, one needs great vision, great strategy. Today’s international politics shouldn’t be the endless opposition and conflicts between countries. It should be “re-organizing the countries”, emphasizing “peace and development”, to re-organize the countries by the way of peace.”


Democratic politics is one form of politics, a relatively good form of modern politics, but it is not the final form of politics. The politics of a country is to aim at enriching the people and strengthening the country; whereas the politics of the world is to achieve peace and development. There are more than one way to get these aims; there are also great and minor methods. If the enemy can be overcome without sending out troops, if people can live in peace without being disturbed, at the same time, the country can change in its political form, countries can be re-organized, the world can achieve peace and development---these are the first-class methods.”


Re-organizing the countries! Think about it: if USA and UK are a federation, what changes it will bring to the world! What benefits USA and UK can get from it! If China and USA are a federation? The competition between China and USA, even possible wars will disperse naturally. What great benefits both countries will get! The tension between mainland China and Taiwan, the democratic transition will see new hopes. How many manual, financial and time benefits will be gained? Does China ever need to worry about the invasion of Russia? And think about it, if China, USA and UK are a federation, what changes that will bring to the world? By that time, the world is not multi-polarized, but will be on its way to “the Globe Village”! Impossible? It’s just a matter of time! Everything is in the process of changes, so is the world map. One just looks at the next year, he will think this is nonsense; one just looks at the next 10 years, he will say it’s impossible; one looks at the next 20, 30, 40 even a hundred years, even the whole progress of human society, what will he think? Think about it, is it possible? The leaders of all countries who can achieve this great act will glorify the human history for ever! Isn’t this a much greater aim than a single politician’s dream? Isn’t it a lot easier? Many things in the world may look very hard, but not in reality; the things that look easy, may actually be very difficult. All this depends on the political wisdom of the leaders of all countries.”


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