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Zhang Hongbao’s Tianhua Philosophy

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Chen Zhong From Beijing

Last May, during his incarceration in Guam, Zhang Hongbao republished

His paper, "The Major Points of View of a Dissident."

Departing from its normal behavior, the omnipotent Chinese Community

Party, which has never tolerated any view that differs from its guiding

ideology, chose to keep silent this time. Instead of employing its propaganda tools to launch a large-scale campaign of repudiation, CCP adopted the flanking tactics to achieve its purpose. On July 28, in a letter to the U.S.Immigration Court, signed in the name of an official from China's Embassy to the United States, CCP accused Zhang Hongbao of violation of Criminal laws, thereby successfully intercepting the political asylum the U.S.government had agreed to grant to Zhang Hongbao.   

Later, CCP continued,underhandedly, to assert pressure on the U.S. government, causing it to postpone hearings on Mr. Zhang's application for political asylum 5 times in a row. On September 14, before the court officially opened a session on this case, CCP unilaterally revealed to the media the fabricated, spurious evidence its had provided to the U.S. Immigration Court. It was a shameful act only a hooligan could be up to: since CCP could neither lay its hands on Zhang Hongbao nor drown out his voice, it chose to smear his reputation.

Even the international media found CCP's unusual move contemptible.  

On September 28, in an article entitled "Cults Endanger State Security," The People's Daily, a mouthpiece of CCP, issued "a warning to the entire party and the whole country": "Cults are creating serious ideological chaos, shaking the Party's guiding ideology and basic theories," "aiming their attacks directly at the theoretical foundation of our party and our country, and posing a blatant provocation against the foundation underlying our efforts to build our party and our country." This article revealed CCP's apprehension and fear, for Zhang Hongbao's "political points out view" had exposed its vulnerability. What is more important, the article fortuitously drew people's attention to the main reason underlying CCP's silence toward Zhang Hongbao's "political points of view."


Indeed, Zhang's "Major Points of View" effected a lethal touch on "the death acupoint" of CCP's ideology-its Marxist theoretical foundation; however, CCP was unable to advance an effective argument in self-defense in an open repudiation. Actually, judging from CCP's pattern of behavior in the past half a century, it is not difficult at all for us to perceive that the arrogant and pre-domineering CCP, despite its theoretical vulnerability, would not willingly drop the matter and let it go.


What refrains it from entering into an open mass criticism of Zhang Hongbao's "major points of view" is China's social reality. In a country overrun with corrupted and venal officials, a country seething with ubiquitous public discontent, CCP leaders are afraid that an open repudiation would expose the Chinese people to Zhang Hongbao's views and result in igniting the dry tow of anger that has piled up over all China. Thus, they have adopted a different strategy. On the one hand, they try to prevent the dissemination of Zhang's views by avoiding mentioning his article publicly; on the other hand, they has resorted to pressing criminal charges against him in an attempt to smear his reputation. 

In fact, Zhang's article should be taken by CCP as a wake-up alarm. It is a fundamental mistake to have placed Marxism in veneration as the foundation of the party and the country. CCP has two options now: one is to abandon its Communist ideology, move along with the historical trend of democratic politics, and offer China an tonic opportunity for political reform; the other is to adhere to the communist ideology until the party drags painfully to its shameful end. There is no other option.So far, CCP leaders have not chosen the door to life.  

In view of the fact the Soviet Union, the first country to put the communist theories into practice, has failed miserably, and what used to be the last communist bastion of Europe, Yugoslavia, has joined the world community of democracies after the downfall of Miloshevich, even Jiang Zemin, the Leader of the third generation of the Chinese communists, has admitted that "unprecedented changes may descend on us all of a sudden, and the tide may turn around any day." 

 However, with their intelligence being smothered by their avarice for power, CCP leaders still hold on to the belief that they can save themselves from the fate of destruction by wielding their dictatorial power to suppress the voice of truth or eradicate the dissidents' existence. This explains why they have chosen to employ the shameful, violent means to challenge the truth. 

They attack Falungong in the open and persecute Zhonggong underhandedly, treading on human rights blatantly in their suppression of religious faith. 

Early in 1992, Zhang Hongbao began to suffer from restrictions and persecution from CCP.  To escape from imprisonment, he decided to leave China in 1994. Beginning in last July, CCP has shut down all Zhonggong organizations in mainland China, confiscated the properties, arrested more than 600 Zhonggong leaders of different levels, continued to search for and arrest key members of Zhonggong, and imposed restrictions of various kinds on more than 38 millions of Zhonggong members.

Recently, Jiang Zemin urged his subordinates to tighten their monitoring and step up their arrests and prosecutions of key Zhonggong members. Since September 21 of this year, when the U.S. government granted Mr. Zhang "protection based on apprehension of torture," CCP has not given up its attempt to bring him to a total destruction.

Yet, will the totalitarian autocracy be able to eradicate the Truth?

Will Zhang Hongbao be put to death in the United States, a country well

known for its democracy and freedom?

Let's wait and see.

The Shock by a 6000 Word- Article

Xinjiang   Gao Xinwang


After reading "The Key Points of My Different Political Views" which

Consists of only 6000 words written by Mr. Zhang Hongbao, I feel shaking from

The bottom of my heart. Mr. xxx hasn't complained loudly about  injustice from his own narrow angle of victim who persecuted, but he wrote with countless mental and physical wounds as persecuted victim and with a great merciful heart concerning about the fate of the Chinese nation and future of the country, he observes the objective law of things' motion in all directions and in a broad way and digs out the root of communist theory.


"The Key Points" first lets the followers of Marxism feel that they themselves become active victims and also lets those who have doubted the Marxist theory and have been subjected to persecutions become passive victims. These victims feel proud and elated and relieved. After all, some one dared to dig out the root of the preposterous theory.


"The Key Points" has not only denounced the outcome of the systematic corruption caused by dictatorial autocracy, but also criticized the power structure of dictatorial autocracy, which runs counter to the objective law of things motion and stated that it will lead to systematic corruption inevitably and irretrievably.


According to philosophic theory of "promotion and restriction relations of Five elements" "The Key Points" warned the rulers of totalitarian dictatorial power not to go on with their dictatorship or they will have a Dead-end! At the same time it helped people realize the fact that under the situation of systematic corruption caused by totalitarian dictatorship,  The wealth of the country and the society will flow into the pockets of corruptive controllers of the power faster more in a more focused way if they only carry out economic reform system while still maintaining the same political structure of totalitarian dictatorship.


People can feel a deep sigh in "The Key Points": "It is more regretful that up to now many people still persist in this goal which is fundamentally not scientific!" This makes people ponder.


What kind of magic can make people persist in what is clearly wrong? Anyone with a discerning eye can see it is the vested interest. In fact, those who expressed to persist do not really persist and those seem to persist and look likes to persist only tell lies for the sake of their vested interest. The former vices president of Chinese Academy of Social Science Li Shenzhi said incisively: "now Chinese history has nothing left but lies".


The extraordinary idea of "The Key Points" which astounded the world is that it exposed a monstrous lie radically!



The Lethal Acupoint of Communist Theory Has Been Touched

Zhejiang   Liu Shanlan



The main reason for CPC to persecute Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong is because The Kylin Culture goes contrary to Marxism is. Zhang Hongbao could evade no longer and He put the main contrary theoretical points of Kylin Culture to Marxism

In his “The Key Points” in front of the world and his every word and sentence has touched the lethal acupoint of Marxist theory with which CPC builds the Party and the country.


  “The Key Points” has pointed out that the Marxist theoretical system is

Only assorted cold dishes and it is not strict and scientific. This helps people perceive that the basic theory used by Communist Party for building the party and the country as guideline are essentially inaccurate. Once this lethal acupoint is stroked, the beautiful light ring of “great, glorious and correct” Communist is pale into insignificance!


“The Key Points” warned once again the Great Tao’s natural law of “Those who obey the Tao will prosper and those who defy the Tao will Perish”. Therefore it indicated that not only Kylin Culture is Contrary to Marxism, but also the Marxism is contrary to the law of things Motion. This lethal acupoint is stroked, the communist tower which looks Magnificent and splendid may collapse with a loud crash as it loses its Theoretical basis! That makes those who still cry for persistence look more Funny, more absurd and more hateful.


CPC has made a wrong calculation persecuting  Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong


Politically only because the Kylin Culture is opposite to Marxism.  Their action made people see more clearly that the East Asia Culture turns out to be the truth and Zhang Hongbao promoting the East Asia Culture turns to be a Scholar who has great concern about the Chinese nation and who loves the country and the people truly. As a result, a more obvious lethal acupoint  On the body of the persecutor is revealed, which has to be touched and Nipped by the one who persecuted Zhang Hongbao. The deeper they persecute Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong, the bigger sins they commit against the nation, the country and The people. Continuous escalation of persecution means to press and nip this lethal acupoint by him strongly till death.



A Lethal Strike to the "Ideal of Communism"

Xi'an    Yi Ming


The most enchanting depiction of communist theory is its final Target--"Eliminating private ownership thoroughly and realizing Communism’. This communist belief has inspired countless martyrs who shed their blood and laid down their lives for over one hundred years. IN 1921, CPC took it as the foundation for building the party. In 1949, People's Republic of China set it as the foundation for building the country too. Since then the communist theory brought proletarian dictatorship and

Single-party autocracy to China and thousands upon thousands people died for this goal.  Although there are less and less believers of communism and the communist movement has failed in fact; every Chinese can not extricate he out of the shadow projected on them for 51year already by this theory. Every Chinese has to bear and will continue to bear the big disaster brought to the whole country and nation by this theory.


"The Key Points" clarified real situation and helped people to understand their ignorance!


Mr.Zhang Hongbao was once a faithful believer of communism and studied Marxist

Theory carefully. When he was 15 years old he read and explained the "Manifesto of the Communist Party" to over one thousand people on the stage at Shanhe Farm where he was sent to work. Now using the essence of abstruse Chinese traditional philosophy and at a new starting point, he declares his thorough negation of the communist theory: the communist theory is unscientific theory and the communist society is a social system that could not be realized.


Must thank Mr. Zhang Hongbao who is able to see what other people cannot and dare To poke hole in window paper. He points out to China under disaster that: the establishment of a social system can not go against the Basic Law of Yin and Yang. The law indicates "Yin and Yang share the same root ", "Single Yin can't grow, single Yang can't develop" and those who abide by  this law will thrive and prosper and those who are against this law doomed to perish”.



Why does the Chinese Communist Persecute Zhang Hongbao Unscrupulously?

Yuan Hao


Mr Zhang Hongbao published “  The important points of my different political views”. Obviously, it is a counter-act of a series of political persecution from the Chinese Communist authority. In the article, he pointed out the main reasons for his own and Zhong-Gong organization being persecuted. He put forward the focal point of differences in his ~ culture as opposed to Marxism and frankly described his own political view. A sincere heart of a frank patriot can be clearly seen in the article.


Marxism as a doctrine naturally has its limitations. As an academic study, questioning and critisism should be allowed. Otherwise, all these Leninism, Maoism and Deng Xiaoping’s theory which are claimed to develop from the theory and ideology of Marxism - where did they come from? The problem is: in socialist countries, anyone who dare proposing a theory opposing to Marxism is considered reactionary and will naturally be suppressed. This is the principle that the Chinese Communist has been upholding all the time for tens of years.  Now he goes so far as to point out that Marxism is unscientific. This is the first reason why he and Zhong-Gong get persecuted. Second, it is because this person, Zhang Hongbao, is too dreadful.


Dreadful because of his unsurpassing knowledge. He has been in university, studying deep into politics, economics, military strategies, western contemporary science, and traditional culture. He has been in too many domains.


Dreadful because he is too bold. He makes use of his knowledge to see through obstacles, break through forbidden land, knock open the door of life science, and study into the development and operation patterns of everything in the universe. He strikes out a new line for himself and brings out Kyling culture.


Dreadful because he has too much vigour. In the area of nourishment for life and cultivation of energy, he unprecedentedly opens a business venue. He has founded more than 3000 business establishment in this area in almost all the cities and towns in mainland China.


Dreadful because of his strong cohesive force. He coagulates at least 38,000,000 Zhong-Gong members. And it is the more knowledgeable people who swarm to Zhong-Gong.


Dreadful because he enjoys too much ardent support of the people. What he advocates is the “Eight Virtue and Eight Thinking” of governing the nation and nourishing its people, which was praised by even the some cadre of the communist party. They said if all the people in the nation follow, the general quality of people will definitely improve.


The dreadfulness described above is of course dreadfulness in the eyes of the authority. This kind of person leading such a huge Zhong-Gong organization, “in case they change the flags, wouldn’t they become the biggest opposition party in China”? Is this not “competing with the party for support of the people”? This is the biggest worry of the high authority of the Chinese communist. About the ability of him, in a critique by Liu Huajie, Associate Professor of the Political Department in Beijing University, Liu said, “he is very capable. It is just that he uses his capability in the wrong place.” That means if he “ works for the Party”, it is then the right place. Autocrats generations after generations use the same secret recipe passed down from ancesters towards those who excel: they who can be used by me can be my servants and be retained; they who cannot be used by me will be used by my enemy and become a strong one and should be killed. He uses his ability at the "wrong" place and so has become a potential threat to the Chinese communist authority. As a result he must be persecuted.


However, he and Zhong-Gong have not done anything "against the society or against the mankind", "disturb social order", "subvert the nation's political authority". All the organizations of Zhong-Gong have the approval from government departments. Zhong-Gong is a legal entity. What it offers to the people is health, happiness and well-being. What it offers to its country is auspices, peace and stability. He is a conscious scholar, a businessman good at management, a teacher who has respectable character, profound and extensive knowledge, and a big heart. Such kind of person and such kind of organization now become imaginary enemy in the eyes of the Chinese communist authority, which keeps hurling heaps of appalling charges at them. What a pity it is for the whole nation and its people!


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